The Big Difference

You won’t find us at your local convenience store. Don’t be surprised.

At Adventure Orchards, we take pride in producing a premium health snack using only the finest ingredients. We roast our California grown, Nonpareil almonds in small batches with extra virgin olive oil produced from Italian-grown olives and cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting. During the roasting process, we pair our almonds with high-quality salt from Bitterman Salt Co., who travels the world to find salt farmers and diverse artisans who create quality, sustainable ingredients. Bitterman Salt Co. believes in harvesting salt in its purest form, without artificially refined chemicals or trace minerals, and we couldn’t agree more. This is why we’ve chosen to use Bitterman Salt Co.’s finest flavored salts to add to our almonds.

Adventure Orchards uses Nonpareil almonds opposed to any other variety for their larger size and taste. Non-comparable to your average almond snack, Adventure Orchards’ almonds are sizably bigger and more uniform. We dare you to compare. As a third-generation family farm, Adventure Orchards uses water-conscious techniques and sustainable growing practices to ensure not only the soil and ground is cared for, but the almonds are grown to perfection.

Our mission is to create a delicious snack that you can share in the comfort of your own home, or take to your next outing - because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor or convenience for your health. We want to share our passion for good health, adventure, and the best quality food from our farm to your family table.